Collection: Battacone

The Battacone artisan bakery was born in 1975 in Irgoli, in the province of Nuoro, in the heart of Baronia. We have treasured the traditions of our territory by transferring them to the production of the typical Sardinian bread, the Carasatu Bread. With the same passion and the same recipe handed down over the years, today it is possible to taste the taste of bread as it was done at home once. Over time the quality of the products and all their characteristics has remained intact but the new production techniques have allowed us to achieve important results: today the Battacone Bakery is able to reach its customers throughout the Italian territory and also in the markets international, guaranteeing the delivery of the Bread always fragrant, qualitatively excellent and freshly produced. Let yourself be accompanied by our catalog on a splendid journey into the most authentic taste of Sardinia.