Collection: Paolo Petrilli


Since 1990, we only process our own tomatoes, farming and manufacturing following the traditional craft methods, only using organic cultivation techniques. We have retrieved some native varieties of seed, normally overlooked by industrial varieties. Our products are entirely hand-picked, without using machines, and processed with traditional methods, as has been the custom for generations. Two teams of 28 women each, all friends with each other, taught at home by mothers and grandmothers, wash, boil, peel and fill the jars, as it has been done for generations among families in the South.

Due to the low-yielding fields and simple, natural processing techniques, our tomatoes are extraordinarily high in lycopene, to such an extent that we patented the methods used and their application. Lycopene has antioxidant, liver-protecting, and anti-inflammatory properties; it can protect the body in the most fragile phases of life, such as childhood, pregnancy, and old age.