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Paolo Petrilli

Organic Peeled Tomatoes (Pomodori Pelati)

Organic Peeled Tomatoes (Pomodori Pelati)

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Paolo Petrilli's organic tomatoes are long, sweet, and incredibly juicy plum tomatoes from Lucera in Southern Italy. These tomatoes are the same cultivar as San Marzano tomatoes (solanum lycopersicum), though are grown on an organic farm 45 miles to the north-east of the actual PDO region. The tomatoes are grown in La Motticella, a very ancient settlement near Lucera in the northern planes of Puglia, famous for its climate and tomatoes.

The long San Marzano-style tomatoes are preserved using traditional, organic methods. The tomatoes are hand-picked, peeled and packed into jars with a few basil leaves, all on Paolo Petrilli's land. These peeled tomatoes make an outstanding tomato sauce and a delectable paste for spreading on pizza dough. Ingredients: Plum tomatoes, basil About the method Paolo Petrilli's organic tomatoes are prepared using old world artisanal techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation of Italian families. The process begins on Paolo's own fields where each tomato is picked by hand and only the ones that have reached the perfect ripeness are selected. This process is performed only once per harvest as to ensure that only the best product makes it to your kitchen. Each tomato is blanched and jarred with a few leaves of organic basil and nothing more. The result is an organic product that delivers a flavor and a texture that is unobtainable with industrialized processing and canning methods. If you want to experience the flavors of Apulia and the best tomatoes you can buy, these are the ones to buy. 


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