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Petra 1110 Organic Type "0" Flour

Petra 1110 Organic Type "0" Flour

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For perfect pastas, tender cakes, and fabulous focaccia, Petra organic type "0" flour is all you need. From the fourth-generation flour experts at Molino Quaglia, this versatile, silky flour is ideal for all types of doughs where a soft, low-protein crumb is desired.

This flour is ground from certified organic grano tenero wheat grown in the Veneto region. With a lower protein content than all-purpose flour, it is your secret to perfectly tender baked goodies. It’s also ideal for rolling out paper-thin pasta sheets without tearing or cracking, making it a great choice for first-time pasta-makers. Roll up your sleeves and get kneading!

The motto of Molino Quaglia is “where flour becomes art.” The family-owned company embodies the quintessentially Italian philosophy that every ingredient you use should be of the highest quality—even the most humble foods like flour. In partnership with local universities and their own in-house research team, they are constantly working to innovate and improve. Today, they produce dozens of different flours, each with its own unique purpose, to help cooks achieve the best results every time.

In 1914, Angelo Quaglia bought a small stone mill powered by the waters of the river Adige in the small town of Sant’Urbano near Padua. The family-owned company is still based in the northern region; while they have upgraded their facilities to keep up with 21st-century technologies, many of their flours are still stone-ground for that inimitable texture and flavor. Today, that original mill is the home of a unique school, Il Laboratorio, where bakers of all stripes can improve their skills with dedicated flour researchers.

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