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Rossana Filled Candy

Rossana Filled Candy

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Who doesn't know Rossana? It is more than just a candy, it was an unforgettable childhood companion for everyone. Rossana candies were everywhere, in my grandmothers' pockets, my aunts' sweet jars, they even came home with dad after work. So beautiful and elegant to look at, in the unmistakable red dress, however, they hide a secret, a creamy heart of milk which blends the tenderness of almonds with the flavor of hazelnuts, a timeless delight!

Rossana or simply the "Rossa" (red) was founded in 1926 in Perugia, in homage to Roxanne, the woman loved by Cyrano de Bergerac. Over the years "Rossa", with its feminine and inimitable character, has become a true taste of Italy and is still loved today by millions of Italians of all ages.

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